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  Klauke Greenlee UK tool distributors of the specialist hole making, crimping and cutting tools.
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  • Electrical connection system
  • Crimping and cutting tool
  • Crimping dies
  • Hand tool
  • Holemaking tools
  • Tools for telecommunication
  • Testing and measuring instruments
  • Cable pulling technology
  • Repair calibration spare parts
  • Technical Appendix
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    Klauke toolsRAC Kettering Greenlee Klauke Authorized Service Centre for the UK. Our factory trained technicians are experienced, and committed to providing our customers with excellent service. We cover Greenlee Bending, Pulling, Terminating, Hole Making tools and Meters.

    We are able to offer tool repair service for the electric utility industry and are able bring years of tool repair experience to ensure accurate and long lasting repairs backed up by a 90 day guarantee. We specialize in repairing hydraulic and battery Greenlee puching tools.

    Repair as a factory authorized and manufacturer certified to fix Greenlee and Klauke brand tools. We are able to collect your broken tools and we will quote the estimate for repair by email within a week. 

    We fix battery crimpers and cutters from the Greenlee and Klauke range as well as REMS pressing tool range. Our hydraulic repair facility  covers REMS pressing tools, Greenlee hydraulic punches and Klauke cable crimper tools used in the electrical construction industry. We also work with Greenlee Textron slug buster pumps.

    Klauke Greenlee Tool RepairWe repair these popular utility line battery tool model numbers:
    E12CCXL ECCXL ES32L ES32FL ES750 ES1000 ESG50L 746 756 757 758 ETS12L ETS8L ES20L ESG25L ES25 ESG55L ESG45L HK520L ESC105L EK410L EK628L EK622L EL1230L EK1240L EK1550L EK06FTL EK06ATL EK12DL LS50L 7906SB LS60L 744 767 1725 and more.

    Uponor press tool Mini 32 Repair, Service and Calibration

    We are able to offer a calibration and repair service for the Uponor Mini crimper tool including collection and return delivery.

    Uponor Press Tool Mini 32 repair and calibration serviceThe Uponor is supplied in plastic case including battery and charger unit and pressing jaws for the dimensions 16/20/25/32. Range of application up to 32 mm. 
    Technical Specifications: 
    Weight of the pressing machine, incl. pressing jaw: 2.5 kg
    Motor voltage: 9.6 V DC
    Charging voltage: 9.6 V
    Charge status indicator: optical display of battery 
    Charging time: ca. 40 min.
    For dimensions: up to 32 mm
    Pressing time: ca. 4 sec
    Capacity: ca. 65 pressings with dimension 20 per fully charged battery.
    Incl. maintenace control

    We look forward to servicing your Greenlee and Klauke products.

    We also repair and calibrate the following tools

    Klauke electrical crimp tools.

    Greenlee hydraulic punches.

    Uponor plumbing tools – rebranded Klauke.

    Bolhoff– These are a riveting gun used in the motor trade.  Rebranded Klauke.

    Advel – Same as above.

    Rehau tools – we’re the UK service centre.

    Cembre electrical crimping tools.

    Izumi electrical crimping tools.

    Multitubo Pressing Gun Crimper Tools

    Roller Press Press Gun Crimper Tools

    RAC Kettering Distributors of
    Greenlee and Klauke Tools

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